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15 Things Happy People Don’t Do

20 Sep

15 Things Happy People Don’t Do

So I found this interesting article this morning and thought it’d be nice to share with everyone 🙂

Let’s all stay happy!


On generation gaps and the feeling of “entitlement”

18 Sep

Today, I heard someone say that our generation feels too entitled. For a second I questioned myself; but then I realized he has no idea about who our generation is.

We are a generation who is hungrier, more passionate, and much braver to fight for our dreams.
We are a generation with bigger and greater aspirations who doesn’t and will not settle for less.
No, we are not a generation who feels “too entitled”–We are a generation who works hard, knows our value, and claims only what is due to us.

Current Thoughts: Ease Your Spirit

3 Aug

The past few weeks have been such a challenge. I’ve been too stressed out that I haven’t had time to think, reflect, and re-focus on things. Today, I have decided to take some time off, relax, and reflect.

1. The world isn’t made up of one way streets.

2. Give to earn/receive.

3. Don’t (try to) do everything on your own.

4. Do not hesitate to seek help and admit weakness.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Avoid unnecessary stress.

6. Practice mindfulness and meditation.

7. Appreciate. Seek happiness in the smallest of things.

8. Positivity goes a long way.

9. Live in the moment.

10. Reward yourself.

11. Be good to your self, you deserve it.

12.  PRAY.



Happy mommy= Happy baby.

A happy soul brings joy to others.

Spread peace, spread the joy, spread the love.

Have a Happy Mommy Day!

Mommies, what forms of stress, mood swings, or depression have you experienced (during pregnancy or not) and how did you cope with them? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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