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17 Sep

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10-Minute Mediterranean Pasta

6 Sep 10-Minute Mediterranean Pasta Recipe

The Mediterranean diet consists mostly of healthy fats and oils, nuts and seeds, vegetables, whole grains,  fish, and cheeses. I believe this is one of the easiest way to cut down on unhealthy carbs and incorporate veggies in your meals without sacrificing taste.

I won’t lie, I am a carnivore. I seriously can and would eat an entire cow if it was wonderfully grilled in front me. Sorry to disappoint you, vegans, but I see cows and lambs as perfectly grilled and seared steaks. I won’t be all hypocritical and tell you to eat your veggies, cut down on meat lest you die of cardiac arrest. Despite my advocacy on healthy eating and living, I will not be a moral compass of sorts. For when it comes to food, ALL IS GOOD and only gluttony and left-overs are considered evil.
So here’s a quick meal that you can easily whip up and would actually find edible, satisfying, and goddamn delicious despite your busy schedule, love for meat and hate for all things vegetable. My very own Mediterranean dish, with a twist!

Happy Meals: Quick and Healthy 10-minute Meals

6 Sep

In between being a hands-on mom, running a household, two businesses, a day job, and this blog, I barely have the time for anything at all. I’m no supermom and I know I can never be. I doubt I’ll truly be able to strike that perfect balance between family, and pleasure for I know if there’s one thing I’d truly pour all my heart into that would be my child. I’m pretty sure most moms would agree.

So anyway, a couple of months ago, someone asked me if I cook. My ecstatic response was: A LOT, I LOVE COOKING! I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel excited nor passionate about cooking.

Growing up, I was always the independent child. In my younger years, my parents would travel a lot and we were mostly left with the help or under the care of our grandparents. Me, being the free-spirited me, hated being told what to do and following my grandma’s Nazi-training. So, I decided that whenever my parents would travel, I’d stay at our place–be it with help or not. I didn’t really care about having someone around as long as I had free reign over my little kingdom.

At 10, I would go grocery shopping by myself after school and buy toothpaste and all those household stuff. How odd that must have been! I can’t remember how I was able to get out of the school nor get to the grocery but yeah, I remember buying toothpaste and raw ingredients for cooking. So weird for I could have bough candies and whatever.

So anyway, my love for cooking sprouted out and developed naturally. As long as the pantry and fridge had the basics, I’d whip up whatever edible meal I can. Cooking for me has and will always be a continuous and enjoyable learning experience where I am able to express myself, be my own, while get to challenge my creativity and imagination-not to mention, feed my soul, in a literal sense!

But lately, I barely have TIME, period. Going back to that time when someone asked me a question on whether I cook or not, made me realize how I badly miss cooking. So to feed my soul and my voracious appetite, I thought about coming up with quick and easy, yet healthy meals that takes 10 minutes or less.

In this part of my blog, I will share my very own tried and tested recipes that’s both quick and easy to make, without having to sacrificing quality and health benefits. I also aim to share with you my advocacy on healthy eating and living.

Follow me as I take you to an adventure, filled with hearty and healthy meals, health tips, and amusing stories behind my recipes.

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