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On generation gaps and the feeling of “entitlement”

18 Sep

Today, I heard someone say that our generation feels too entitled. For a second I questioned myself; but then I realized he has no idea about who our generation is.

We are a generation who is hungrier, more passionate, and much braver to fight for our dreams.
We are a generation with bigger and greater aspirations who doesn’t and will not settle for less.
No, we are not a generation who feels “too entitled”–We are a generation who works hard, knows our value, and claims only what is due to us.


We Are Moving Back!

17 Sep

We are moving back to WORDPRESS! Hurrah!

Forgive us as we slowly transition back. 

You may find weird-looking headers, background graphics, and misplaced things.




31 Aug

I may be the biggest dork in the world for all I care but for the life of me I just cannot bear this stupid simulation games that asks you to build your own citu and they make you do all these stupid tasks like buy a pie or whatever. Meh. I am just ranting.

But seriously, I hate tat these games are programmed to be so annoying, tedious,  but highly addicting. OH THE EVIL SORCERY! 

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