Retail Therapy: 24/7 Shopping

30 Jul
cartoon girl shopping

Shopping it’s one of the best therapy for women and a man’s worst enemy! Seeing pretty things is definitely a top stress buster and if only I had the luxury of time to window shop/shop all day, I would. But alas, with the demands of my daily schedule with family, work, business, and  trying to juggle and balance all three along with my personal needs, there’s really no time to be wasted travelling to the mall, huddling along the crowd, and waiting in long queues at the cashier.

What if you could shop whenever, wherever, 24/7 with a reputed company that carries such a wide array of choices and inventory, at the comfort of your own home, with just a click of a button, at over 80% off SALE , with free delivery, and a COD (cash on delivery) payment option? Oh, shut up and take my money already, Zalora! 

So tonight I made my first purchase (I know I am such a late bloomer!) because come on, who can resist pretty, pretty, wonderfully pretty shoes at over 80% off?! The word “shoes” alone sealed the deal for me. I am very particular when it comes to shoes and I rarely get to buy myself a pair because of this. With one click of a button, found love in a pair, well two pairs of shoes. Because next to diamonds, shoes are a woman’s bestfriend or in my case beer, food, football, and heels. I can proudly say that the amount of testosterone in my system will make a pre-pubescent boy hide in shame. But anyways…

High heels and shoes at sale under 1000
Well, happy birthday!
You can even shop, shoot, and shop more! Click on the image above to find out how

Look at how easy it is!

1. Find your sole-mate (mwehehehe, punny).

My Precious!

2. Check out and choose from 3 payment schemes: Bank deposit/Wire transfer, Card, COD, or Paypal.

Two shoes at a steal price! Oh, happy day, mama!

3. Tada! Sit back, relax, and dream of your sexy sexy self wearing your sexy sexy pair! Girl, you deserve to get yourself a pair or two or three for being such an awesome hardworking mom!

Here are some of my favorites to get you started.
Ciao, bella mamas!
Happy shopping!

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