Discovery of the Week: Pure Lanolin

23 Jul
100% Pure Lanolin for Dry Skin
Magic in a Tube!

Pure Lanolin is used to heal and soothe dry and chapped nipples and dry skin/sore bum due to diaper rash. I had this annoying dry, sore, and cracked patch on my hand that won’t go away despite the layers and layers of lotion and cream I slather on it. So last night, I thought why not try Pure Lanolin? If it’s safe enough to be applied on nipples/ingested by babies, it’s safe enough for my extremely sensitive skin, right?

Viola! After just a few minutes of applying it–with its petroleum gel-like consistency and feel sans the lingering greasy and sticky feeling–my skin felt as smooth as baby’s bum and the cracked part “magically” healed! I also applied some on J’s knees and his skin felt even smoother and softer than ever! A-MA-ZI-IIIING! It’s quickly absorbed by the skin and creates a protective layer that keeps away moisture. 
I’m pretty sold on this product and I am definitely keeping it in my daily “survival” and grooming kit. I suggest you get the Medela Purelan 100. It also comes in a nifty slim tube that you can easily pass up as a lip balm. You can just ignore those weird stares from people when they see the words “soothes sensitive nipples” when you’re applying it on your lips.

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