The Wonders of Reading + Look It’s About Me Review

2 Jun
Flying of to an adventure
Whisk me away to a magical dreamland!

I am a self-confessed book addict (veering away from the name “bookworm” so it doesn’t sound too dorky. Hihi). I love books. I carry them anywhere, everywhere I go. I could literally sit on one corner for hours on end and finish a good book or two. See, I have always been fascinated by the wonders of books and reading. Books have this special power of taking you to places within and beyond your imagination (and sky is the limit if you let it be!). They capture a certain sense of adventure, magic, and wonder that nothing else can replace. 

Octopus book sculpture
With every book I read, I know that within every page is an adventure waiting to come alive, a story waiting to begin, and a mystery waiting to be unfolded! Books are just one of the greatest things in the world.

This is why at a very young age, I am determined to share my passion of books and reading with my son. I have loved Dr. Seuss all my life! His works were actually one of the first few books I got for my son. Read more about it here. 

The Places you will go
Whenever things start to feel a bit gloomy, I always look to Dr. Seuss for some inspiring words of wisdom.

See, one of the things that made me love books and reading even more is that there is no age limit to it and you only need your eyes and your sense of imagination and wonder. Children are never too young and adults can never be too old to go on an adventure. These thin sheets of paper creates a wondrous portal that provides every reader a very unique experience.

Now, this is somewhere I wouldn’t mind getting lost in!

This was also what Kathleen Assad Lamata and Tatiana Peña Montenegro, founders of  Look It’s About Me had in mind. They wanted to create a unique and educational gift for children. Their business was inspired by Kathleen’s daughter, Chloe’s drawings and stories. Kathleen put together Chloe’s artwork and stories and viola! their very first personalized storybook was born.

Tatiana shares with us a little more background about Look It’s About Me:

“Our concept is very simple, we want to bring a unique gift to children and help with their development. Because it makes learning fun and it is about themselves it encourages children to read and helps increase their self-esteem. It is also a great bonding activity between parent and child.
Because we want to offer our customers the finest personalized items, creating lasting memories and providing years of enjoyment, before any item is shipped from our facility, it undergoes a strict quality inspection, in order to meet our standards of workmanship and design. “

“We wanted to offer great books, books that children would amaze children while flipping through the pages, so we hired a very talented award winning writer Natalia Diaz, who is currently  based in Spain (she is Filipina), and then hired talented local artists (Dax Tee, Janine Ngo, PJ Martelino, Andre Cui and Robby Singh) to illustrate those stories.

Kathleen and Tatiana sent the little man his own personalized book last March (eek, I know this is long overdue! Sorry Tatiana!) with the theme “My Great Space Race”. A story where your child is taken on a journey around the milky way discovering planets, while participating in an exciting space race. Educational and fun! The images itself whisks one away to an outerspace adventure! 

Personalized Story book for children
The little man loves the bright bold colors! Though he doesn’t know how to read yet, the  colorful and glossy pages keeps his eyes glued on the pages.

It’s always a thrill to read little J his very own book! I am trying as much as I can not to give out any spoilers but I just have to share that when daddy J read the dedication (which I picked out as a surprise to my two boys, hihi) and the part where we had our own roles (we were little J’s best friends! Weee!), he was so moved and almost teared up! Aww, how awesome can it be to create such an impact to an adult like daddy J (who doesn’t like to read much, lol)? That what I call MAGIC!

Check out other personalized story books from Look  It’s About Me! on their website Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

They not only provide personalized story books and gifts, they also carry personalized coloring books! Kathleen and Tatiana are also planning to launch  some other personalized products such as posters, wrapping paper and placemats. These products are great as giveaways in parties. These are also perfect for after-school, rainy days, and weekend activities. 

Personalized wrapping paper in Outer Space theme
Personalized Wrapping Paper in “Outer Space”. There is just something about the magic and mystery of outer space that I really really can’t seem to resist!

Speaking of school, they have an on-going back to school promo! Get 10% Off for any purchase from June 1 -14, 2013 only. Use Promo Code: Back2School. Minimum purchase of 1200 Php. More details here.

Personalized Storybooks and gifts for children

Now that the school year is about to start, give your kids the perfect gift to pep them up and get them excited to read and learn! Visit Look It’s About Me on Facebook and start your own magical adventure with your child today.

Watch out for a Look It’s About Me book giveaway coming soon! 

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