Sniffles and Boogies: BabyComfyNose Review

20 May
baby comfy nose

J is and was never a sickly child. I owe it all to breastfeeding and I am so grateful that he’s never been ill since birth—given a couple of fevers from his initial vaccinations. He never got fevers with the succeeding shots. 

Since he has started eating solids, I gave him a whole egg for breakfast and he developed allergic symptoms that night. He was feeling so uncomfortable and kept waking up in between quick snoozes. He finally got so frustrated  gave in, and cried. He was crying so bad due to sleepiness and the discomfort caused by the allergic reaction that his nose started to run. His runny nose added to the discomfort which caused him to get even more frustrated and cry—and so the cycle goes.

I have 2 bulb nasal aspirators—a regular one in grey that came with his Safety 1st First Aid and Grooming Kit and a white American Red Cross-certified aspirator with added features such as a safety stopper (to ensure that it doesn’t slip through your child’s nasal canal) and a draining chamber. I have tried using both and I must say it’s quite annoying and frustrating to use. It doesn’t effectively extract/suction out mucus.

Our Bulb Aspirators: Safety 1st (grey) and American Red Cross (white)

Remember when our grandmas, moms, or titas would tell us stories of how they sucked mucus out of their babies’ noses using their mouth? I almost did that! Good thing Karen of BabyComfyNose Philippines and BabyMundo (who also happens to be a first-time mom, nurse, and mompreneur!) sent me a BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator. 

See, unlike bulb aspirators, BabyComfyNose uses your own suction to drain out mucus. It has a nose tip that’s big enough to prevent going to deep into your child’s nose and creates a seal to effectively suction out mucus.You place a tissue (in my case, I used a small absorbent cloth) inside the main body/chamber that catches mucus and prevents you from catching your child’s cold. A tube connects the chamber and the mouth piece. All parts are easy to assemble and disassemble and are dishwasher-friendly.

I cautiously suctioned out mucus from J’s nose in short repeated intervals. It effectively sucked out the mucus and boogies! J felt so relieved and fell asleep afterwards, while I kept laughing at the huge boogies I got.

Check out this video demonstrating proper use and suctioning with BabyComfyNose:

Some useful facts about BabyComfyNose:

BabyComfyNose is a brand of nasal aspirator in the US. It has gained a lot of positive reviews from consumers because it works efficiently, safely & hygienically  It’s design is very much different from a bulb syringe because you generate the suction. There are four parts: a mouthpiece, tubing, body and a nose-piece

Here are the summary of its features:
1. Ten times the suction compared to the bulb syringe or battery powered nasal aspirator
2. Physician-developed
3. Material is BPA & Phthalate Free
4. Can be disassembled for washing
5. Patented design eliminates possibility of contact with mucus or germs
6. Tissue filter

Karen relates her story on how she discovered BabycomfyNose and decided to bring it to the Philippines. She previously worked as a nurse in St. Luke’s Medical Center for almost 2 years before working as an orthopaedic nurse in Salisbury District Hospital in UK for another 2 years.

She discovered BabycomfyNose doing research online while trying to find an effective aspirator for her 3-month old daughter who was down with the sniffles. She found a seller online but it was quite pricey & unfortunately out of stock or for pre-order which would take 2 months to deliver so she ended up asking her brother from the States to buy her one. She waited a month for the package to arrive and had to go through the tedious task of going down to the post office to claim and pay for her package.

She decided to bring BabyComfyNose to the Philippines to provide an affordable (and must I add, effective) aspirator & to help moms alleviate the discomfort experienced by their babies caused by the sniffles. It may seem like a small thing, but this device can actually save lives!

Here are some nifty tips from mommy Karen:
You may or may not use 0.3% normal saline or salinase drops prior to suctioning. It helps loosen the mucus( with and without salinase, mucus can still be suctioned out).
You may or may not put tissue (just 1 cut or leaf of toilet paper would do). I’ve tried it with and without and it doesnt affect the suction strength.
Its really very user friendly. It takes a few seconds to get the mucus out.
The nosepiece is soft and its design edso that it doesnt have to go in too deep unlike a bulb syringe.
Its really been a lifesaver for parents especially those with allergic rhinitis or when they’re babies have bouts of congestion.
Its great at helping babies breathe better from a clogged nose not to mention give them a good night’s sleep.

BabyComfyNose retails at 750 pesos and is available for purchase at the following websites:
(Click on the links below to visit the sites)
BabyComfyNose Philippines Facebook Page and Lazada.
You may also text your inquiries and orders at 09155843163 for quicker transactions.


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