To The Little Man Who Deserves It All

15 May

Dearest Little Man,

As millions of moms celebrate Mother’s Day today, I could not think of a single reason why I deserve to be honored on this day, without thinking about you and how much you deserve this day as much as I do.

Sweetheart, I will always be grateful for having an amazingly wonderful little man in my life. No words can nor ever will be able to express how truly grateful and privileged I feel to have you in my life.

You have taught me unimaginable strengthfortitude that only a mother can truly understand. I can be the strongest and most fearless woman, yet I cringe in fear at the mere thought of you getting hurt. I am weak to your sweet little giggles and smiles.

I am always in awe of you. Not a single day, hour, or minute passes by without me being reminded of how truly blessed I am to be given the chance of spending my lifetime with you.

I love watching you sleep—it gives me such serenity like no other. You peacefulness brings hopes of a bright and wonderful tomorrow.

Your giggles reminds me that there is so much goodness and happiness in life—so much to be grateful for and to live for.

Your little expressions of curiosity and wonder reminds me that life has so much to offer and there are a million things we have yet to discover—and do that, we must! Let us explore life together, sweetheart.

A million “thank yous” can never be enough to express how much I am truly grateful for having you, sweetheart. It could take more than a million lifetimes and there could never be enough “I love yous” to tell you how much I really do.

To you, my little man, you deserve this day. Your strength is my strength. Your love is what fuels mine. With each day you grow, we grow together. With every step you learn, I learn with you.

To my dearest sunshine, thank you for being all the wonderful things in life.

I love you.


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