The Power is Within You!

6 Apr

There is something about a woman’s intuition that is amazingly baffling. Perhaps it’s because us women are more in tune with our selves— particularly our thoughts and feelings. Isn’t weird how so on point it seems? As if we have this weird “spider sense” that tingles everytime we feel “the sour sweet winds in the air” (pardon me, but in Seuss-talk, it means “trouble”. Geez, I am such a dork!). But yeah, isn’t it weird when you feel like something bad is about to happen and you just can’t explain why things feel so wrong; then BAM! your “premonition” comes true! How many times has this happened to you? There is actually a word for it and it’s called “intuition”- A thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning (thank you, all mighty Google!).

Apparently, there is such a thing called “Momtuition” for moms. So what is “Momtuition” and most importantly-is it real??? Well, according to Mommy Mundo’s founder, Janice Villanueva, “They say all women are born with such an instinct, but I believe that moms have a heightened sense of it since we give so much care and nurturing love to our family and children.” As a woman and a mother, I could not agree more!

So do I believe in Momtuition? Yes, siree, I do! I believe that out of my natural nurturing and protective instinct as a mom, and part of my emphatic ability as a woman, my intuition develops into something more complex and deep— something that serves both as a “warning device” and a protective instrument. With this recently acquired Momtuition, I feel like a woman/mom—-on steroids—-with superpowers!

Embrance. Tune in, and Develop your super mom power! Learn more about Momtuition at Expo Mom 2013, happening this weekend at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City.

Mother's Instinct: Momtuition
Moms, unleash the power within you! See you this weekend at Expo Mom 2013!


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