The Working Mom Diaries: Wednesday

30 Mar


I was busy discussing our post-holy week strategies with the boss, revising an article that needed to be published, yada yada. Everyone was bouncing off the walls  with nervous and stressful energy. We all just wanted to get the week over with, just take these 4 precious days off to go home and be with our families.

I just wanted to finish all my tasks, log out of my email account, and shut down the computer. Yes, it is that single task that makes me feel alive at the end of every tiring day. It’s like a confirmation that I still have a life beyond work, like killing off the machine signals freedom and peace.

All I want is some break off from everything, take a nursing vacation, and cuddle all weekend long with the little man. I promised myself to not check emails and turn off my mobile phones. I just want to devote this entire weekend to the little man who deserves it more than anyone. Just him and I, and no one else (sorry daddy).

I’ve been actually thinking of being spontaneous and taking off to nowhere with the little man. Alas, I’d feel so bad lugging him around with the heat and all that. Perhaps my crazy spontaneous plans will happen some other time.

Despite the several out-of-town and out-of-the-country invites from family and friends, I would rather stay at home with the little man and give him the best weekend. For now, it’s just the little bub and I, enjoying our own me-time together.

“I see the crystal raindrops fall 
and the beauty of it all is when the sun comes shining through.
To make those rainbows in my mind when I think of you sometime 
And I want to spend some time with you.”

Life is sweet(-er with a baby).


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