Weekend Warrior: Expo Kid Year 5

4 Mar
Young and old, alike has such a blast at the recently concluded Expo Kid Year 5: The Ultimate Summer Activity Fair at 500 Shaw Events Place, Madaluyong. This year’s theme was D.I.Y/Handicrafts. Mommy Mundo gave us parents creative and fun ideas on how to make our summer productive with the various featured activities, booths, and programs that sparks one’s creativity and imagination- from DIY craft from Craft MNL to fun worksheets from JackenPoy.com.
Expo Kid Entrance

There were also booths carrying various innovative and unique items for babies, kids, and even parents! Of course, my favorite super couple, Raquel and Julio of Bug and Kelly Kidswear were there, with their rockin’ cool outfits for babies and toddlers. Gosh, aren’t kids so lucky these days? No more frilly, frumpy, and wimpy kiddie clothes which was ever so abundant with earlier generations. Of course, I wouldn’t pass up the chance to get my little man several tops for his wardrobe…err, we actually ended up getting a complete gear of tops, rompers, and a couple of “big boy” shoes. We were so busy going around that we were only able to visit Bug and Kelly after the closing remarks. While everyone hurriedly packed their stuff up, Julio and Raquel patiently waited for us. They are just so sweet! I really love these guys, and their merchs!

Check out these cool gears I got from the little man. I know this post may seem oh so biased as I only bought stuff from Bug and Kelly. Talk about loyalty!
Great finds from Bug and Kelly

Graphic Star Wars shirt from Bug and Kelly and Blue Underwater Romper from In the Crib
Awesome tees for baby J from the super awesome and sweet tita Raquel and tito Julio Hernandez of Bug and Kelly

Aren’t these so awesomely adorable? Raquel must have done something to get me so hooked on their stuff. Kidding! The clothes are really THAT awesome, for me to constantly gush over them. Funny thing, Raquel’s assistant even remembered me, and upon seeing baby J, she was like, “Oh, the last time I saw you, you were still pregnant…he’s so big now!” (lol. this funny girl).

By the way, I also met Raquel’s cousin, Mr. The Pickiest Eater and his family. Isn’t that awesome? It was such an embarrassing fangirl moment! I was like, “Oooh, hi!!! I read your blog!!!…fill-in-with-whatever-embarrassing-thing-I-said-so much-so-that-I-can-barey-remember!”. Man, do I get awkward.

We definitely had so much fun and learned a lot of fun activities and crafts at Mommy Mundo’s Expo Kid. Oh, I can’t wait for Expo Mom!


One Response to “Weekend Warrior: Expo Kid Year 5”

  1. Adventures on Planet Mom March 4, 2013 at 10:20 am #

    we got the ninja shirt for our soon too! i love B&K shirts.

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