Modern Mom Successful Mompreneur Tips: Client Meetings

12 Jan
Busy Mom, mompreneur

In today’s fast-paced world, a lot of moms I know are into managing their own businesses. The modern mom is one who manages her business and household, while taking care of her self, like a well-oiled and groomed machine! It isn’t easy multi-tasking, with taking care of the family/kids/home and running a business. Being a mom and an entrepreneur means you have to be constantly on the go and always on call, no matter what time of the day it is or whatever you are doing.

Being a mompreneur sure isn’t a walk in the park. Along with managing your time, juggling chores, there are business meetings and seminars to go to, despite the all-nighter your baby just pulled on you. Going to meetings is one thing, impressing clients and closing deals is another. Along with coming prepared and a good sales pitch, looking good and dressing professionally is one of the best ways to impress clients. You always have to be on top of your game, looking good and smelling great! You know how people say, “She looks so lovely, ang bango bango tignan. I like her!”? Looking good isn’t simply about choosing the right shade of blush, the perfect top, nor the most flattering hairstyle, it’s also about smelling good.

How perfumes helps with business meetings

How you smell can greatly affect someone perception of and interaction with you. It has been proven that smell affects people’s moods. Certain scents can boost or put a person into a certain mood—exactly the tool you’ll need for client meetings and closing deals, to perk you and your clients moods!

With every meeting, I make sure I am at the top of my game, I dress to impress, arm myself with the right sales tools, and of course, I wear a fresh, clean, scent to close off the deal. Can you imagine going to a meeting, with this humid and very hot Philippine weather, add up the insane Metro pollution, and there goes the deal, with your client either bothered or turned off by your “kalye/commuter” smell.

Perfumes can be quite expensive, and being a mompreneur, I go for quality (no imitation/drugstore/generic perfumes, please) products that won’t break the bank, which is why I am so grateful that Fresh Fragrance Bar is now here! Fresh Fragrance Bar enables my perfume addiction by offering most of the brands of perfumes that I love at reasonable prices and flexible paying schemes. Perfect for budget-conscious moms like me! Fresh Fragrance Bar allows you to choose your favorite perfume, mix and match, and take home your favorite scent. I love the flexible payment schemes, which encourages consumers to buy original brands, discouraging purchases of imitation/fake brands, which is a huge help to the perfume business.

Fresh Fragrance Bar is an authorized retailer, with an extensive selection of premium imported scents—from luxury brands, to your daily wear scents. Fresh Fragrance Bar is operated by Scent and Beaute Concepts, Inc, a sister company of CharlieKen Marketing Corporation and Midas Brand Management and also owns luxury fragrance store Art of Scent in Newport Mall. There are five (5) retail retail stores in Eastwood Mall, Alabang Town Center, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Marquee Mall Pampanga, Abreeza Mall Davao, with future stores on the paper.

Check out Fresh Fragrance Bar’s Facebook Page!

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