Good Taste, Great Pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

15 Nov

With the holidays fast approaching and our little man’s first Christmas, I can’t help but dream about the extra special and magical feasts we’ll be having this season. “Tis the season to be jolly!” As they always say; with such joyous moments come celebrations, and with us, whenever a celebration is called for, there’s always that special wine or a bottle or two of beer to commemorate the event.

Prior to having little J, beer has always been a staple in our meals (no, we are not alcoholics. It must be the German blood), like how Italians enjoy their wine with every day meals. Our favorite local brand of beer is San Miguel. Depending on the dish and our mood, we’d usually have Pale Pilsen (or Super Dry, when the latter is unavailable) or Premium All-Malt (when we feel like eating something light and salty/savory, as this beer can be quite heavy/filling).

Since Daddy J and I both love to cook and eat, we usually have “cook-outs” where we cook themed dishes/meals (ex: Mexican, ball game, etc) and pair it with a few bottles of beer. Super Dry  or Cerveza Negra is always great with Mexican and Spanish Dishes like Tacos, Paella, and Tapas, among others. As for Premium All-Malt, it always goes well with some salty bacon, cured/smoked meat, deli meats, and subs/sandwiches. See, we enjoy coming up with different dishes and pairing them with beer for our daily meals, which makes everyday a fun experience for us.

Our favorite cuisine is Mexican; we love having Taco Nights at home- it’s fun, filling, spicy, and quick! Building our own Tacos is similar to how San Miguel Lifestyle Brews amplify the taste of our favorite dish. It starts off clean and crisp, just like the lettuce and taco shell. The crisp and clean taste of beer enhances the flavor of the corn taco shell and the vegetables. The spiciness of the beef goes perfectly well with the bitterness of the beer. It washes down the greasiness of the dish and cleanses our palate as we get ready to devour another taco. Everyday dishes and meal times are made extraordinary and extra special with great beer pairings!
“Drinking experience that’s above the ordinary”

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