Playing the Waiting Game

25 Oct

Today we are 38 weeks and 5 days.

Ever since we turned 37 weeks, I’ve been anxiously and excitedly waiting for the contractions to come so we can finally get to hold the little one. Playing the waiting game isn’t as easy when you’re as excited as I am. The past few months, flew by so quickly! Thank you, sweetheart, for being such a good boy and never giving mommy a hard time.

So, I’ve been doing exercises the past few days (okay, I admit, I haven’t been able to walk and work out much as I’ve been very busy with other things). My OB also prescribed me with Evening Primrose Oil (1000mg capsules) which would help with the “ripening” of the cervix. I am so close to the point of desperation that I’ve been thinking of getting a foot massage. Well, it’s for the contractions and indulgence as well, haha.

I’m getting more restless by the day, since this is my first pregnancy. I guess I’m just getting a bit bored, as well. All his things have been prepared and laid out. Hospital bag and everything is in place. It’s just the little sunshine we’re all waiting for.

I guess my little boy isn’t ready, yet. Or perhaps he’s still waiting for mommy to finish all I need and want to do before he pops out. Oh, my sweet little boy! Or maybe he just wants our full attention, no miscellaneous activities etc before his grand entrance. You see, I am still dealing with business matters at the moment and daddy won’t be available til he comes home from his meeting tonight. So, I guess our little J is waiting for his perfect timing.

My OB also said that things will fall into place when the little one is ready. If he still wants to stay in mommy’s tummy, he will, no matter what. Well, alright sweetpea. Take as much time as you’d like but, please don’t go overdue or mommy and daddy will have a hard time. For now, I shall finish all I need to do and just wait and walk, walk, walk. nuffnang_bid = “ffc1a2860e6f84f26ac14f0572dee3d8”; document.write( “

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