Prepared Childbirth Classes with Rome Kanapi

12 Oct

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

Last August, we enrolled in Prepared Childbirth Classes with Rome Kanapi at the Ateneo Institute of Social Order. Being new parents, the class helped us prepare and understand more about breathing and relaxation techniques (lamaze), breastfeeding, childbirth, exercises, newborn care,  pregnancy, and your partner’s role in your pregnancy, childbirth, and as a new parent.

Rome Kanapi’s Prepared Childbirth Classes were very helpful, informative, and fun! It gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed as new and inexperienced parents. As a soon-to-be mom, it helped ease my worries regarding pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and child-rearing. For dads, it gave them a “full view” of what it’s like to be pregnant. It prepared us for the upcoming days ahead: what to expect and what to do during labor and actual delivery. Rome Kanapi’s classes truly empowered me as a new mom, and us as new parents.

The classes are very intimate, there are about 12 couples or less in every batch. Rome is such a nice lady. She’s very accommodating and motherly. She made us feel so at ease, like we can openly discuss all our thoughts and worries regarding childbirth and pregnancy. For new parents, it feels wonderful to know that you have the knowledge and support to empower you as first-time parents.

Rome Kanapi’s Prepared Childbirth Classes are held every Sunday at the Ateneo Institute of Social Orders, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Classes are held twice a day, morning and afternoon batch, and runs for 6 sessions. If you’re interested in the classes, please note that you have to reserve a slot early on as her classes have limited slots and are always full. The classes also enables dads to be allowed with you (to coach you) in the labor and delivery room.

Rome Kanapi is a Certified Instructor from the Philippine Association of Childbirth Education (P.A.C.E).
For inquiries and reservations on Prepared Childbirth Classes with Rome Kanapi, you may call 436-1757/0917-541-5114 or email her at

Are you a current student or an alumni of Rome Kanapi’s Prepared Childbirth Class? All batches are welcome to join the Page! 
Visit the Facebook Page here: 

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