Happy Adventures with My Little Boy

26 Sep

My little boy and I are turning 35 weeks in 3 days, few more weeks til we get to hold him. After dinner, I was telling his dad how much fun baby and I have had in the past months. Since Day 1, baby and I have been partners-in-crime when it came to fast-food binges and insane cravings. Though still in my belly, we’ve been having so much fun in our 35+ weeks together. 

When I was 2 months pregnant, I started playing music to the little happiness in my belly. Now, at 8 1/2 months, I can already tell which kind of music he likes and which he doesn’t. I know he already has a few favorites- from Beethoven, Yann Tiersen, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, to mention a few. 

He’s very playful and a bit mischievous, too! I’ve woken up to mornings where I’d find his dad laughing while tapping and playing with the little boy in my belly. There were times when I’d get woken up by his little kicks, telling me to wake up cause he’s getting hungry or he just wants to play. He plays tricks on his dad, too! When I’d show or put his dad’s hand on my belly, to show how hyper he is, he’d stop moving. He’ll only start kicking and playing again once his dad removes his hand. 

When I ate something I didn’t like, a few minutes before we had an ultrasound, we saw him “throwing up” the amniotic fluid cause he didn’t like how it tasted like. In my first trimester, I craved for nothing but steak! I could eat it all day, everyday! He eats just like mommy and daddy!

He is such a funny and very interesting little boy!

He has already given so much happiness and love, not only to me and daddy, but to all our family and friends.
Truly, there’s no other gift than having to share your life with a little person. 🙂

As I’ve always told him,
“Grow big and strong, little one. We can’t wait to see you!


Happy Mommy

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