Proper Diet and Healthy Snacks for Expecting Moms

25 Sep
Proper Diet and Healthy Snacks for Expecting Moms

Baby and I are now on our 34th week! Few more to go before we get to hold the little one.

During my 24th week visit, my doctor advised me to start on a high-protein diet and avoid food high in carbohydrates. Although I am not at risk of diabetes, being overweight (lucky that baby is taking in all the weight instead of me!), and was allowed to still eat anything I want, the doctor said it’s important to maintain a proper diet to prevent gaining too much weight during the last few stages of pregnancy.

It is during these latter stages in pregnancy where conditions such as pre-eclampsia (due to high blood pressure), gestational diabetes, and unhealthy weight gain occurs. These conditions lead to complications, that’s why it’s very important to maintain a healthy and proper diet throughout your pregnancy.

Expecting moms should gain 2 lbs per month and should only eat an additional 500 calories on top of their Recommend Daily Allowance. I know it’s hard to believe that baby only need 500 calories, considering how hungry we always get, minus the cravings and the weird eating times!

happy mommy adventures

Here are a few tips for a healthy diet during pregnancy:

Eat small frequent meals to avoid heartburn, indigestion, and over-eating.

Quality over Quantity: Have a nutrient and fiber-rich diet. Avoid empty calories such as sugar-loaded snacks, sodas, carbohydrate loaded-food, and white starches. Fiber gives your stomach a sense of fullness, which helps avoid cravings and unhealthy snacking.

Eat more fibers and complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables. Complex carbs burn slower, but fills you up better, healthier, and quicker. Slower burn means you won’t get hungry easily as the slow burning of carbs sustains your energy needs.

Sleep early. Research shows that sleeping keeps you from craving, late-night snacking, or over-eating. Mommies, you know what I’m talking about! Sleepless nights watching *insert-movie-genre-here* and having the 3am munchies.

Fresh is always best. When it comes to the midnight munchies, us preggo moms usually stock up on crackers, chips, etc. It’s best to stock up on fiber and nutrient-rich snacks. Avoid salty and preservative-loaded snacks.

Replace your regular crackers with fiber-rich oatmeal cookies. A great snack I found as a replacement for chips and crackers were oatmeal/lactation cookies from Crumbs and Grubs (For Inquiries: 09165518744 or visit their new Facebook Page) . These lactation cookies are safe for pregnant moms as the ingredients does not cause contractions. It doesn’t cause lactation if you’re not expecting or lactating, which means even dads and your kids can eat them, too! The cookies are organic, natural, and preservative-free. They’re high in fiber and rich in Omega3, which contains DHA, which aids in baby’s brain development and is very beneficial to your heart, well! Also, my OB gave me Omega3 capsules as Prenatal Supplements (for baby’s brain, to maintain good cholesterol levels, and a healthy heart), so the Omega3 and fiber in the cookies are a bonus!

Exchange those chocolate bars for maternity milk or nuts. If you just have to have your chocolate fix, opt for bitter or dark chocolate. Remember, bitter or dark chocolate contains Polyphenols which is good for the heart.

Switch your snacks. Instead of munching on chips, try some fresh fruits such as apples and oranges or some crunchy veggies such as carrots and blanched brocolli. If you must have a dip, replace your ranch/cholesterol-rich dressing with shredded cheese for a calcium boost.

Hydrate, re-hydrate, and just keep hydrating!
Water will be your best friend from the first month onwards. It helps ease your morning sickness, hydrates (dry/oily skin is a common problem during pregnancy) and moisturizes the skin  (aids in stretch mark prevention), keeps you from getting bloated, fills you up, keeps you from getting constipated, prevents cramps, regulates your body temperature (your body temperature goes up due to the increased blood flow), maintains proper blood circulation (good blood circulation prevents bloating/edema/”manas” and cramps), and best of all, provides baby with lots of amniotic fluid to play and swim in!

The best diet tip of all?
Have your daily dose of love, happiness, laughs, and giggles. 
Remember, Happy Mommy = Happy Baby.

Have a Happy Mommy Day!

Happy Mommy

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2 Responses to “Proper Diet and Healthy Snacks for Expecting Moms”

  1. Kimberley Reyes September 25, 2012 at 5:23 pm #

    Great post! I am especially interested about the lactation cookies. I had a hard time breastfeeding my first child, so I am looking into trying harder with our second. Hopefully these cookies can help.

  2. HappyMommyAdventures September 25, 2012 at 7:04 pm #

    Thank you! These are the things I've been doing from Day 1 til now that I'm almost on my 35th week (although I do cheat at times!). The cookies are HEAVEN-SENT! When I started on the cookies, I started lactating. I've also noticed an increase in milk production on both breasts. You have to try them. Congratulations for choosing to breastfeed! 🙂

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