Second Adventure: A late post

19 Sep

June 19, 2012

Third Trimester!
I’m now 20 weeks and 3days. (22 weeks According to LMP)
Baby is even more active than ever!
Movements and kicks are even more pronounced! I can see my belly move and raise up whenever baby kicks. Baby’s kicking harder and I get startled and get woken up at times.
I’ve been playing intrusmental and classical music for baby at 2 months. Baby responds to music even more now and I think baby has already picked a few favorites from the playlist I made.

Halfway through my pregnancy and I’m just so excited to see my little angel.

I’ll have my 3rd ultrasound at 26 weeks. I’ll need another CAS again because baby was too young at that time. We will also find out baby’s gender! Ooooh, I can’t wait! I’ve been trying to get some gender “predictions” using tests with scientific studies and the Chinese Calendar.

Determine your baby's gender using a Chinese Calendar Gender Chart
Click Image to Enlarge.

At 28 weeks, I’ll have my TDAP vaccines. TDAP stands for Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis
By getting a TDAP Vaccine during pregnancy, you’ll be able to transfer the antibodies to your newborn, which will help protect your baby from TDAP until he or she can be vaccinated. The TDAP Vaccine is P1,700 at St. Luke’s Medical Center, to be administered by your OB-GYN.

Another test is FBS (fasting Blood Sugar Test).
Pregnant women, especially asians, are prone to Diabetes, due to our carbohydrate-rich diet (rice, noodles,etc).

I’ve started slathering that cocoa butter cream to “prevent” stretch marks and to relieve that weird ithcy feeling. My doctor said stretch marks are inevetable and serves as a pregnancy “battle scar”/”proof”. Everyone who’s gotten pregnant gets them. I beg to differ so I religously maintain my morning and everning ritual.

Stretch Mark Lotion

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks P495 is available at Watson’s and Rustan’s.  I like how it smells like vanilla and chocolate. The smell is relaxing and soothing. It’s a thick cream that glides on wonderfully, a bit greasy for me, though. There’s another brand called No Stretch Marks Lotion by J. Thomas. Its around P550 at Watson’s. I haven’t tried it nor have seen any reviews about it.

I’ve also started looking into Prepared Birthing Classes. I’m still undecided between Lamaze and Bradley Method. I’ve been reading a lot about other mom’s experience with Lamaze under Rome Kanapi. All the feedbacks I’ve read were positive, plus Rome also holds classes at the Mayo Clinic in Ateneo.

Also been thinking about Cord Blood Banking. Considering the high costs versus the benefits for my child. Cordlife Philippines offers Cord Blood Banking Services. P40,000 fee upon enrollment and P8000 annual fee. StemCord Philippines, the country’s pioneer in cord blood banking, costs around P55,000 upon enrollment and an P8,000 annual fee. Conveniently, StemCord has an office at St. Luke’s Medical Center. I’m having mixed feelings on this matter.

In the meantime, I shall relish every single moment the joys of pregnancy gives me.

Til my next post.

Have a Happy Mommy Day!

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