Prenatal Massage Review: Zen Asia Spa

17 Sep

I wrote about Prenatal Massage as a way to soothe pregnancy aches and pains in one of my previous posts. Read about it at

One of the Spas I’ve featured on that post was Zen Asia Spa located at 25 Timog Avenue, 2nd Floor Riviera Filipino Bldg, Quezon City. One Sunday Afternoon, Daddy and I decided to try out their Prenatal Massage services. 
Waiting Area
Upon arrival, we were greeted by the receptionist and were asked to fill out our names on a log book. We got the Couples Room, Prenatal Massage for mommy and Shiatsu Massage for daddy. After several minutes, our massage therapist asked us to proceed to the massage area and change into our robes.
The massage area was a dim narrow hallway, with curtains separating each area or “room”. There weren’t any massage beds, but they had massage mattresses on platforms. What I didn’t like about it was that the curtains didn’t provide much privacy and relaxation. You could hear footsteps, other people coming and going, and talking. During our therapy session, someone suddenly opened the curtain. Good thing there weren’t other people at the hallway at the time or we would have been “exposed”.
Hallway. Curtains separate each massage area.

The Prenatal Massage.

It was okay, considering it only costed 300. The therapist was very careful and gentle, I even had to ask her to knead harder. It wasn’t as relaxing as I thought it would be but she was able to relieve me of the shoulder pains. She had to avoid the hands and feet as these areas/points are not supposed to be touched to avoid contractions on a pregnant woman. 
My Verdict: It was okay- I wasn’t really happy and fully satisfied. The place isn’t pregnant-friendly, to be honest. The floors were slippery with oil, they also did not provide non-slip slippers. These are major hazards for Pregnant Women.
Daddy’s Verdict: He didn’t enjoy it. His therapist’s kneading felt uncomfortable and “sharp”.
Zen Asia Spa is located at  25 Timog Avenue, 2nd Floor Riviera Filipino Bldg, Quezon City. 
Prenatal Massage rate is 300 per hour.
*photos from Zen Asia Spa’s website:

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