Smart Parenting Baby Shower

11 Sep

Last September 1, 2012, Smart Parenting held the Baby Shower Event at Discovery Suites, Ortigas. I was one of the very excited expectant moms who joined the super fun-filled event. Upon arriving at the venue, we were welcomed by the Smart Parenting staff and were given name tags and our assigned tables. They had a photobooth set up at the entrance. Before the event started, everyone enjoyed the lunch buffet spread provided by the wonderful staff of Discovery Suites.

The event was kicked off by a lively opening of our very perky host, Delamar Arias. Several resource persons gave out talks on Pregnancy Myths, Parenting Tips, Breastfeeding, Proper Nutrition during Pregnancy, and Pregnant Fashion Tips. The talks were very fun and informative! They had games at the end of every talk and gave prizes to attentive moms!
Talk on Pregnancy Facts and Myths

Talk on Parenting

We had so much fun with the fun games they had! There were games such as Pictionary, The Price is Right, etc which gave moms a chance to interact with other moms and bring home goodies for their nursery rooms. For a first-time mom like me, the event gave me an idea on what to do for my own baby shower. It also made me even more excited to plan out my baby shower. I wish all moms could go to events like this. Not only is it fun, its very informative as well. Helps ease my “first-time parent anxieties and worries”.

My Team won the Pictionary Game. Yay!

Everyone went home with goodies from Smart Parenting Magazine, Avent, Oilatum, All About Kids, and Robinson’s Department Store. I love that they gave us nursery and baby essentials such as Layette Sets, Milk Containers, and other baby products. Truly this event gave all of us expectant moms a fun wonderful break from all our pregnant mommy duties. Such a fun-filled day it was!

What Moms Love the Most: Goodies for our Babies!

To close off the event, they had a raffle and one very lucky mom won a well-deserved overnight stay at Discovery Suites!

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