My Belly Blessed Fest and Mommy Mundo 2012 Experience

5 Aug

The Belly Blessed Fest and Mommy Mundo was held today at Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Pasig City. Can I just say how so much fun it was! There were a lot of booths that gave out so many baby products, discounts, and information kits to expectant moms and moms. Upon entering the venue, expectant moms who have pre-registered thru SMS were given a swag bag filled with goodies, a “passport” where you get stamps and goodies from every booth, a raffle ticket, and a newspaper.

Goodie Bags!
The “passport” thing was so much fun. Completed passports earns you another raffle entry.You get to visit and collect stamps from booths like The Belly Blessed  Bar, Cordlife, Anmum, Lactacyd Baby Bath, Baby Plus, Mommy Matters, Indigo Baby, and more. It gave us a chance to visit every booth and check out their wonderful products; ranging from baby bottles, infant wear, maternity clothes, maternity milk, strollers, wooden toys, and more. The best part was everything was at discount prices, ranging from 30% off to 70% off! The good part is, if you run out of cash, they accept credit cards. Now, tell me if that ain’t fun!
My “Passport” 
Too bad it rained, everybody scampered around and I didn’t get the chance to get a stamp from The Belly Blessed Tree. No extra raffle entry and I didn’t get to submit my passport.
At 1pm, the program started and they had some talks regarding the products/booths at the event and they gave out prizes to the lucky raffle winners. It was both informative and fun! The Belly Blessed Fest and Mommy Mundo Clearance Sale truly was a successful and fun event for (expectant) moms like me. The clearance sale sure was a hit and a huge help to budget-savvy moms like me. It was also a fun venue to interact and meet other moms! You won’t imagine my delight upon seeing all those pregnant moms! Oooh, I just want to talk to each and every one of them!
Thank you and Congratulations, Mommy Mundo for such a successful and wonderful event! Can’t wait for the next Belly Blessed and Mommy Mundo!

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