Join my adventures! A Diary of Love for My Little Angel

29 Jul

Join me as I discover the very exciting and wonderful world of motherhood!
A very happy and excited mommy’s blog about her adventures and experiences on being a first-time mom. Follow me as I go through this wonderful adventure of bringing my little angel into this world.
Learn wonderful business, cooking, crafts, DIY, health, mommy, and money-saving tips from the Adventures of Happy Mommy!
Learn more about your baby’s monthly development, your increasing needs as an expecting mom, what to expect when you’re pregnant, your options in choosing the best health care provider for you and your baby, the costs of tests, procedures, and everything you’ll need to prepare for before and during delivery, costs and tips on buying affordability and quality baby needs (clothes, cribs,etc), do’s and
dont’s and foods to avoid, and everything pregnancy, mommy, and baby-related.
I created this blog as a way to help clueless, first-time moms like me find the  information and support they need during pregnancy. I also want this blog to serve as a “Diary of Love” that  chronicles my experiences on pregnancy and motherhood, for our lovely little angel (that’s soon to come out!). And lastly, of course, the usual random thoughts and musings of a new mom will also be posted here.

Join me and let’s share this wonderful journey through pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and parenting!
Happy Mommy

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