We are now on our 6th Month! Cravings, Mood Swings, Sleeplessness, and Lactation Cookies to Increase your Milk Supply

18 Jul

Celebrating Sixth Month of Pregnancy

I can’t believe it, baby and I just turned 6 months last Saturday! Time flies indeed! We’re almost on our Third Trimester now.

Some things I’ve noticed:

  • Insane Cravings!

I didn’t think I’d go through this phase in pregnancy where I’d start having all these cravings, but I was wrong! It was insatiable; I won’t be able to sleep at night until I get to eat the stuff I wanted. Good thing it was nothing weird like anchovy and pickle ice cream or something. Mmmmmm ICE CREAM!

First Trimester

Nearing the end of my First Trimester, I used to crave for steak, mushroom sauce/soup, beef patties, kiwi, mango, milk, and everything BEEF. I hated desserts and couldn’t stomach eating nor even just tasting the desserts I bake. I also hated onions.

Second Trimester

I still disliked sweets during my Second Trimester, but I started liking onions again. I also stopped craving for steak and mushrooms. I LOVED bread! Croissants, cream cheese on wheat toast, and oh my goodness, SIOPAO! Let me tell you about my love for siopao! I’ve loved siopao even as a kid, but one night, I found myself buying half a dozen Siopaos at Ma Mon Luk for take-out (minus the ones I already ate while waiting!). I had to hide it at the bottom of the fridge and sneaked in those precious white pork buns.

Now that baby and I are nearing our Third Trimester (YAY! Baby, I can’t wait to play with you!), I’m craving for sweets-donuts, pichi pichi, sansrival,ice cream, you name it! I’d even finish whole packs of cookies that are just so addicting! I’m currently addicted to these Oatmeal Crisps, a new product from Crazy Bakes. Good thing these cookies are healthy since the oatmeal crisps are high in fiber (prevents constipation and promotes healthy digestion) and contains galactagouges (increases milk supply for nursing moms).

You can order those wonderful Oatmeal Crisps from Crazy Bakes by giving them a call or through text. You can reach them at 0916-5518744 or twitter.com/CrazyBakes_ or get their goods at Moonleaf Katipunan (near KFC and BonChon) The cookies costs P150 per dozen and comes in 3 addicting, healthy, and yummy varieties: Classic Oatmeal Crisps, Oat & Nut Crisps, and Oat Crisps with Dark Chocolate. Also comes in sugar-free variety! 3-4 pieces helps increase your milk supply!

  • Crazy Hormones: Feeling Blue/ Mood Swings

I am never the type to watch sappy/romantic/local movies. I would either laugh at them or totally abhor and scoff at those sappy sappy scenes. But a few weeks ago, I found myself searching for tagalog drama-comedies. I would also find myself crying and getting butt-hurt over little things. I felt like I was going insane or turning manic-depressive. Thank goodness those hormones aren’t as “overflowing” now as they used to the past few weeks!

  • Sleeplessness

Sleeplessness either from too much thinking (pregnancy hormones!) or food cravings. Since pregnant women should sleep on their left side to increase blood flow and circulation, I find it hard at times to get into a comfortable sleeping position.

On the positive note, as baby’s arrival comes closer, the excitement and thrill is just inexplicable. It feels so wonderful knowing that we’ll be able to hold baby in just a few months. Also, we’ll find out baby’s gender on our next 4D Ultrasound on August 13. We’ve also enrolled for Lamaze Classes with Rome Kanapi (I’ll discuss this on my next post). Oh my, can’t wait!

I would love to hear about your pregnancy experiences as well. Let’s talk about your food cravings and other pregnant behaviors. Share them by leaving me a message on the comment box/”leave a reply” portion below. Hope to hear from you soon, mommies! 🙂


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